INQUEST INSIGHT is one of the finest photography exhibition organized by Shahjalal University Photographers’ Association (SUPA). Our goal is to expose hidden talents all over the world and inspire them by giving them an international platform.

The phrase INQUEST INSIGHT depicts the fragrance of inner-self. It’s the signature event of Shahjalal University Photographers’ Association (SUPA). For the first season of Inquest Insight, our goal was to expose the hidden talents of the country and inspire them by giving them a national platform. The venue was in our own SUST campus premises. In its second chapter, Inquest Insight’s objective was to broaden the previous platform and thus an additional venue – Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, situated at the capital city, Dhaka – was introduced. At its 3rd installment, Inquest Insight’s true potential was realized as it went international. It was easy to see from the immediate response from all over the world that this needed to happen again in a much grander fashion.

Explore a captivating journey through Inquest Insight, a series of insightful events. This gallery showcases a collection of photos from INQUEST INSIGHT 6 all the way back to INQUEST INSIGHT 1 : 

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