I’m Showrav Chowdhury from Habiganj, Bangladesh. I’ve completed my Bachelor’s from Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet. Growing up in a middle class family, pursing photography as a passion feels like a radical idea.

I started my photography journey after completing Basic Photography Course in 2019 by Shahjalal University Photographers’ Association (SUPA). But I got to understand the depth of photography at the end of 2020 when I used to go out with my fathers mobile as I had lost my phone at that time. I gradually started getting involved in street photography. I keep learning every day from everywhere and share knowledge with others. This also helps me a lot improving myself as a photographer. Besides, I’ve been also teaching photography to the people as an instructor of Basic Photography Course organized by SUPA.

My photos were exhibited in various national and international exhibitions. I was awarded First Runner Up of InterAction 2023 Photo Contest (USA), Sylhet Photo Contest organized by Sylhet Photographic Society (SPS) and HIRAETH 5 – An Intra SUST Photography Exhibition. I was the Winner of The Best Shot of 2021 by FRSTHAND. I was selected as a finalist of HIPA NATURE 2021 – 2022 Season 11 General Category (Color), a Finalist of Documentary Family Award in 2020 and was also awarded the Best Story Award in 2021 in the event Photography for Social Change arranged by the International Republican Institute (IRI). One of my photographs was chosen for a prestigious exhibition in Greece featuring the 15 Best Photos from the world. Additionally, my work has been featured by

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