My name is Radia Islam, and I’ve completed my Master’s in English Language and Literature from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. Presently, I’m working as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer with the International Labor Organization’s Progress Project at the Sylhet Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

 My interest in photography began during my school years, particularly in class 8, when I started experimenting with a Samsung 14.2-megapixel digital camera. I used to take pictures of literally anything that was a little bit hard to point out at once. It was like a game to me, which I used to play when I was younger – “Do you see what I see?” Photography was always about perspective to me. I wanted to make others see my perspective through my photographs. Although my school lacked a photography club, I found an opportunity to develop my skills in my college’s photography club. This involvement eventually led me to become a member of SUPA, where I completed basic and advanced photography courses, fostering a sense of belonging within the organization.

During my participation as an executive (2018-2021) and later as president (2021-2022) of SUPA, I had the privilege of contributing to various activities. Notably, I served as the Convener of Inquest Insight 6 (2022), an international photography competition and exhibition held Sylhet, Dhaka and Kolkata. Additionally, I provided guidance as a Course Director for several Basic Photography Courses and was involved in organizing international exhibitions, intra-university exhibitions, and art festivals. Moreover, I got the opportunity to participate in a range of events including International Documentation Workshops, which provided valuable insights into using photography for social awareness and advocacy. For me, SUPA served as a platform for continuous growth and development in the field of photography, and I am grateful for the invaluable learning opportunities it has offered me.

I have been featured at Prothom AloOne of my works was also featured at Daily Star


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